Johnny Covey is capable of bringing energy to a room where there is none, he can transform the way an event is constructed by his methods and engagement with the audience. Whether as a Speaker, Emcee, or Trainer, he has the capacity to get people into the mode of learning, receiving, and involved with his delivery unlike any person working stages today.  There is no one like him and he is going to change the world as a Facilitator, Thought Leader, and Creator. He is a once-in-a-generation Speaker, Trainer, and Mentor.  He will make a difference in many lives for generations to come.



Have you ever heard a speech that had great information and was inspiring? In other words, they gave Examples from their life of what they have Experienced that can be helpful to you. Have you ever wondered why we don't do anything afterwards?


The only way to change is by having an Experience and then Choosing something different. I am more than a speaker who will inform and inspire you with Examples of my Experiences. What I really am is a facilitator of Experiences where you will Choose to Change and Create something new. The Change will occur because you will go from your Head to your Heart. You will be laughing, clapping, high fiving, dancing, singing. You will also have a framework and language that will allow everyone present to Choose to Change and Create within your company for years to come.



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